My name is William.  You can call me Will.   I’m a soul with a body, not a body with a soul!  I’m one of those infinite beings you run into now and then…like every other person on the planet.   We are all infinite beings, souls, a life force and part of creation to is in everything.  As Francisco Coll, founder of the Americana Leadership College and seven other spiritual movements would say, “You are one with all things in the universe.  There is no separation.”  And Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness would say,  “You, as an infinite being, are not in your body, your body is in you.”

I’ve been writing inspirational messages, impressions, thoughts, ideas that show up for a number of years, like about 40.  They never went anywhere.  They’re in the closet or the basement or stored on a disc somewhere.   For some reason I have now found it time to put them down for others to see.

The goal:  Provide me with a creative opportunity to express myself and hopefully add value to your life’s experience.   What else is possible?

If you’re interested in finding the “more” of you, I recommend these web sites and the people who are behind them.

http://alcworld.com – site of the Americana Leadership College, run now by Francisco’s son we affectionately call “Tiger,” where you can learn tools and techniques to uncover your unconscious, psychic nature and establish a two way communication with your team of master souls or spiritual guidance.  How incredible would that be?  I can tell you!  It’s beyond comprehension!

http//accessconsciousness.com  Though it’s been around more than 20 years, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer’s amazing program has recently come into my awareness and experience.   I’ve found the results to be remarkable.  They live in the question, such as “how does it get any better than this?”  “What else is possible?”  I highly recommend this site and the courses they offer.

http://tesseramethod.com.  Adam King is a gifted musician with an incredible vision and techniques to move you toward a path of inner peace and expanded awareness.  The music alone is worth this experience.   Tessera is like a new world awaiting you, but it’s not outside you, it’s within you!

Thought for the day:  Facts keep the confusion out; confusion keeps the facts out.

Look for the facts and understand the facts of life are in what you experience!  That’s where your truth is.  What I share with you is true for me because it comes from my experience.  We may not always agree, but what I’ve experienced is something no one can take away from me.

Well, that’s it for this moment.  Remember life is a serious of moments one after another!  Make decisions to create special moments…just for today!